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Research Services

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Commissioned Research

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Proprietary Research

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Global Research

Co-Di offers a full range or research services including:


  • Research strategy

  • Consumer Surveys 

  • Benchmark Consumers with Disabilities Research

  • Flash research (via mobile & social media channels) for quick responses to specific/timely/urgent questions

  • Concept and New Product testing

  • Home use test/consumer diaries 

  • Packaging testing and evaluation

  • User experience and usability testing

  • Consumer diaries

  • In-field research

CoDi design & implement  its own proprietary research projects, developed to gain understanding of many of the wider economic, behavioral and accessibility related issues. implicit to life as a disabled consumer.

The most significant of these in 2024 - 'ShopAbility', being a first-of-its-kind, landmark study on the challenges, opportunities, positive & negative retailer experiences etc of grocery shopping in North America, (both in-store & online) for shoppers with disabilities.

Working alongside our partners at the RIDC in London, we're immediately able to analyze, compare & develop relational insights from two major global economies - the U.S and the U.K.

By mid 2024, we plan to have added additional markets to our portfolio, including Australia, Germany & Brazil.


This will be valuable to clients active in multiple markets, specifically in categories such as; packaged goods, automotive, travel & leisure, aiming to address issues around marketing to the disabled community at a genuinely global scale.

Research Tools

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Desktop Research

CoDi maintains relationships with several best-in-class research software partners, to provide our panelists with easy to use, accessibility compliant desktop research/survey questionnaires & forms.

Results & analysis of our research is presented back to clients either in web, mobile or PDF format.


Deeper analysis, also tactical and executional strategies yielded by survey results are all available on request.

Research App example

App-based 'Flash' Research

Understanding the changing digital behaviors of our panelists, in a world of TikTok & Twitter, we've developing an exciting new methodology for gathering their data & insights:

The CoDi App allows us to share quick & easy to answer questions with our panelists, not only in more bite-sized portions, but in real-time.


Unlike our desktop research, which remunerates each panelist with a fixed fee for survey completion, the CoDi App uses a tokenomics-based rewards per question methodology to allow users to accrue up to $300 in a full-year of participation.

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Special Projects/
Task Forces

Some disability marketing challenges can't be solved or understood through traditional research alone. They require longer-term, forensic engagement by hyper-relevant, but smaller groups of disabled consumers.

CoDi special projects teams might share the same disability & demographic profile and are tasked with immersing themselves in a research program.


This might entail traveling on public transportation for a month or more capturing data throughout, or playing the role of a mystery shopper in multiple retailers - complete with hidden camera technology!

Case Studies from RIDC, London

Hands opening jar

Testing Food Packaging for retailer 'Marks & Spencer'

Disabled passenger boarding train

Making Rail Travel Accessible in partnership with UK government

Woman working on laptop

Accessibility Training
for British Gas

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